11 Free Digital Marketing Courses For Amazing Sales

Free Digital Marketing Courses

There’s no need to spend a whole lot of money on an MBA to learn the basics of digital marketing. There are plenty of free marketing courses on the web that will teach you about the many aspects and specializations within this ever-changing field. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best free digital marketing courses around.

Digital marketing skills are critical, not only to those actually working in the field, but also to new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Even if you’re way past your very early startup days, and have defined internet marketing training. The most successful founders have a working knowledge of each aspect of the digital marketing business, and can provide knowledgeable oversight of digital marketing campaigns.

11 Of The Best Free Online Marketing Courses

Whether you are an aspiring marketer, small business owner, or experienced entrepreneur, you are sure to find something in this list of free digital marketing courses that interests you.

1. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing By Google

Learn digital marketing from the company that started it all. Google’s free online digital marketing course ranks #1 on our list with good reason. It covers all the aspects of digital marketing needed for beginners as well as intermediate users and it comes with free certification. Google Digital Marketing Certification is an ideal way to get your profile noticed and add to your skill-set.

This 40-hour free online course in digital marketing features 26 modules and can be completed at your own pace at home or wherever and whenever you want. Each module consists of several digital marketing classes that include video, text, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

If you don’t want to progress through the entire free online training course you can pick and choose which Google digital course lessons to add to your individualized learning plan. However, we highly recommend starting from the beginning and progressing step-by-step so you can receive the free digital marketing certification.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Your Online Goals
  • Building Your Online Presence
  • Marketing Your Online Presence
  • How Websites Work
  • Key Website Ingredients
  • Websites And Your Business Goals
  • Make Your Website Easy To Use
  • Website Design Do’s And Don’ts
  • Plan Your Online Business Strategy
  • Taking A Business Online
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour
  • How To Stand Out From The Competition
  • Your Long-Term Social Media Plan
  • Advertising On Social Media
  • Avoiding Social Media Pitfalls
  • Using E-Commerce To Sell
  • Taking Payments And Manage Orders
  • Delivering To Customers Across The Globe
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2. Diploma In E-Business

Want to learn how to build a strong online business strategy? Grow your e-business skills with this free online marketing course! This free online e-business diploma course is one of the best online marketing courses. It teaches you about the various aspects of e-business and how to implement a successful digital marketing strategy.

Alison was developed in 2007 by Mike Feerick and was the first massive online open course (MOOC) platform. With more than six million students registered on the site, this is one of the best free digital marketing courses you will find.

The Diploma in E-Business course helps students build digital marketing skills through learning Google Analytics and AdWords, search optimization, analysis, revenue metrics, campaign tracking, digital measurement, and more. The digital marketing course duration is between 6-10 hours and you will receive free digital marketing certification upon completion.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Introduction To Building An Online Business
  • Introduction To Google Webmaster
  • Marketing Through Google
  • Using Google AdWords
  • Diploma In E-Business – First Assessment
  • Introduction To Google AdSense
  • Introduction To Google Analytics
  • Getting Started With Digital Analytics
  • Navigating Conversions Reports

3. WordStream’s PPC University

Learn pay-per-click marketing for free with WordStream online learning. Wordstream has access to thousands of accounts, spending billions of dollars on PPC advertising. They’ve consistently found that small to medium-sized businesses struggle to manage their accounts in a way that’s cost-effective while generating strong results.

Three streams offer lessons for beginning to advanced users, with additional modules for social media marketing courses. You can also access a number of webinars and white papers to enhance your digital marketing classes and best of all, everything’s mobile-friendly so you can learn on the go, whenever you have time.

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Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Finding The Right Keywords
  • Leverage The Power Of Remarketing
  • Social Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

4. Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Course

Online learning is easy with this digital marketing course by Hubspot Academy. Learn about inbound marketing techniques and develop an understanding of fundamental tactics of inbound marketing. Course duration is about 4 hours and includes 8 lessons, 34 videos, and 8 quizzes. You will receive free digital marketing certification upon graduation.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Inbound Marketing Fundamentals
  • Creating Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages
  • Understanding Social Media Promotion
  • Developing a Conversational Growth Strategy
  • Understanding Conversion Strategy
  • Understanding Lead Nurturing
  • Aligning Your Marketing With Sales
  • Applying a Customer Marketing Approach

5. Digital Marketing Strategy

This free online marketing course will equip you with practical digital marketing skills to help you build your business. You will learn about the digital marketing landscape and how digital technologies can be used to help businesses identify opportunities and minimize risk.

This thorough digital marketing course is offered by one of the top universities in Scotland through Edx. By engaging in the training for four to six hours a week, the course can be completed in roughly 8 weeks. Students who are looking for the most inclusive free curriculum on digital marketing technologies will find this to be one of the top choices.

Certificates for the course can be obtained at the paid level of edX, which is also part of professional certification. However, the lessons of each module can be taken for free.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Understand Why Digital Marketing Matters Today
  • Understand Changes In The Digital Landscape
  • Learn How To Create Innovative And Impactful Content
  • Learn How To Create And Use Consumer Personas
  • Conduct A Competitor Audit And Analysis
  • Develop Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy
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6. Become An Online Marketing Manager

This 20 hour course offered through LinkedIn Learning provides students who already understand digital technologies, with the skills they need to move up the corporate ladder into management roles. In this free digital marketing course, students will learn best practices for online marketing. Using the latest tools to implement a digital marketing strategy, and how to advertise effectively on social media platforms.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Growth Hacking Foundations
  • Advanced Branding
  • SEO Foundations
  • Social Media Marketing Foundations
  • Email and Newsletter Marketing
  • Google Universal Analytics Essential Training
  • Google Ads Essential Training
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Sketch for UX Design

7. Digital Media And Marketing Strategies

This Digital Media and Marketing Strategies course is offered by the University of Illinois.

It is course 5 of 7 in the Digital Marketing Specialization Series. It will take approximately 18 hours to complete.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Course Overview and Optimizing Your Digital Assets
  • Online and Video Marketing
  • Social and Email Marketing
  • Putting It All Together for Your Digital Plan

8. Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

The Social Media Quickstarter by Constant Contact offers the step-by-step instructions you need to start building your social media presence across all of the top social networks. It is one of the top social media marketing courses online.

In a series of step-by-step lessons, students can study digital marketing technologies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, blogging, and online listings and reviews sites. The way the courses are structured makes them perfect for internet marketing beginners, with components such as glossaries and how-to guides of the lessons at hand.

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Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Facebook 101
  • Twitter 101
  • LinkedIn 101
  • Pinterest 101
  • Instagram 101
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube 101
  • Snapchat 101

9. Digital Marketing Strategy: Profitable Sales Funnel Fundamentals

in this class, you’re going to learn all of the ins and outs of creating profitable sales funnels that can help scale your online marketing business on autopilot. While also giving your target audience an authentic and personalised customer experience throughout. 

This online marketing course includes 22 lessons with a time duration of about 3 hours 19 minutes.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Identify Your Target Audience And How To Sell In A Non-Salesy Way
  • Why Sales Funnels Are The Key To Your Business Growth
  • What Your Strategy Should Be At The Top, Middle And Bottom Of Your Sales Funnel
  • How To Cater Your Strategy To The mindset Of Your Audience To Create A Positive Customer Experience
  • Using Metrics To Optimize The Profitability Of Your Sales Funnel
  • How To Leverage Different Pricing Levels Of Your Offers To Get More Value
  • How To Map Out Your Profitable Sales Funnel And Execute On Your Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy

10. Internet Marketing For Smart People

Internet Marketing for Smart People is a systematic, simple way to understand and implement effective online marketing strategies. You’ll learn the “Copyblogger method” of creating a profitable online marketing business or marketing your offline business online.

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This free online marketing course is made up of 20 modules that will be delivered conveniently to your email inbox. Along with that, you will receive eBook bonuses and access to tons of resources on digital marketing technologies.

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Relationships
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Have Something Worth Selling

11. The Beginners Guide To Online Marketing

This online marketing course by Quicksprout is the most extensive and comprehensive introduction to online marketing that you’ll find anywhere. It is one of the best free digital marketing courses available.

This free online marketing guide is for an audience of first-time marketers, experienced entrepreneurs and small business owners. As well as entry to mid-level candidates, and marketing managers in need of resources to train their direct reports. 

Some of the main topics of study include:

  • Be Laser Focused on Your Customers
  • Build Your Marketing Framework
  • Develop Your Brand’s Story
  • Get ‘Em to Your Site: Foundations of Traffic Acquisition
  • Get the Plumbing Right: Foundations of Conversion Optimization
  • Build Audience Connections with Content Marketing
  • Find Customers with Paid Channel Advertising
  • Amplify 1:1 Connections with Email Marketing
  • Launch Your Social Strategy
  • A Quick Note on Mobile

In Conclusion

Whether you are interested in a career in digital marketing or you are a seasoned marketer looking to beef up your resume. There are tons of free digital marketing courses out there for you. Some students take courses to get a promotion or move forward with another employer. Many Freelancers often take digital marketing classes to add to their skillset and increase their earnings. Business owners who want to grow their brands take marketing classes online to become familiar with new concepts.


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