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An Extended Automobile Warranty Is A Waste Of Money


What Is An Extended Automobile Warranty?

An extended automobile warranty is an investment contract or agreement. To service, repair, or maintain an identified car. Domestic or imported, due to structural or operational breakdown. In workmanship, materials, and in other instances, common wear and tear.

It is typically sold as an add-on product when you finance or purchase a vehicle. It covers a particular period of time. In return for the premium you pay.

An Extended automobile warranty sometimes offers extra service alternatives. Or more adjustable terms. Than the manufacturer’s initial warranty.

It’s a big choice that a lot of car owners have to make. After their new car manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Should I extend the warranty for additional peace of mind?

Extended automobile warranties have a lot of benefits under the right circumstances. However, an extended car warranty is not always a requisite or even an alternative. Depending on the condition and age of your vehicle.

Therefore, when you are trying to puzzle out whether an extended automobile warranty contract is fit for you. There are a few things you should put into consideration. Most importantly, understanding what an extended automobile warranty is or isn’t is key.

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How Does An Extended Automobile Warranty Work?

A lot of car owners have misconceptions about the extended and manufacturer warranties. Mostly when these warranties do and don’t come in to save the vehicle owners’ money.

It is good to understand that extended automobile warranties do not guarantee you full coverage of your vehicle. However, they may give you some peace of mind. If an auto repair or something like air conditioning gives you trouble. An extended warranty will sort that out. As long as the warranty covers the issue.

Again, if you consider taking an extended car warranty, you have to consider your tolerance for risk. The reliability of your car or truck in your vehicle’s remaining useful life. Perhaps most important, the reputation of the company. That is providing you with the extended “warranty.” As well as the cost of the warranty.

Why warranty in quotes? By the strict legal definition, an extended warranty isn’t actually a warranty. It is actually known as a service contract. As such, you as a consumer must be extra keen about whom you’re dealing with. Just as you would when contracting for other professional services.

The industry that provides extended warranties. Has gained considerable scrutiny for practices. Expressed as pushy, deceptive and exploitative as far as automotive extended warranties are concerned.

However, strongly backed and ethically marketed contract companies. Offer various advantages to car owners. Including protection from repeated repairs that fail to fix the problem. Access to pre-qualified technicians. As well as amortizing repair costs over the long term. This reduces the agony of getting a huge auto repair bill whenever a major component breaks. In essence, extended automobile warranties are one form of insurance.


If you are considering purchasing an extended automobile warranty, check the factors below:

*Carry out a thorough background check for the service provider of your choice.

* Understand the laws of your state regarding such contracts.

*Carefully look over what is included in the warranty before signing.

There are no cut and dry answers to whether extended automobile warranties are worth it or not. It will depend on these various factors.

All the best, and good luck!


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