Apple Stores Reopen In The US After 1 Year Closure

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Apple Stores Reopen Finally

For those who have been waiting. The time is finally here. As of March 1st, Apple has reopened all of its stores in the United States after being closed for a year due to the Pandemic. Even though all 271 Apple stores reopen in the United States. Some stores will be operating under some restrictions and can only be attended by appointment.

Apple Sales Promising Through It All

Over the past few months, Apple has weathered the storm of looting in stores while being shut down and restrictions holding back shoppers. But the technology giant is ready to get back in business. Stores that were operating as express centers are now opened as fully operating storefronts.

The last stores to reopen were those in Texas. A year ago Apple had closed all of its retail stores except those located in China. Since then it has been opening and closing stores depending on the status of each location.

The United States is starting to emerge from all the lockdowns that have stunted business growth. As vaccines are created and number of new infections drops. The business climate is starting to clear up.

During the Pandemic Apple has experimented with new store services such as appointment-only shopping and express pickup services that get customers in and out of stores quickly.

Apple stores reopen- apple computer on desk

Internationally, Apple still has stores that remain closed at this time. 12 stores in France and 2 stores in Brazil have yet to reopen. Even with most of its stores closed.

Apple sales have not shown to be slowing down. Selling its products while its stores have been closed. Mostly through its online store, which has been operating normally through the pandemic. 


Through it all, Apple has still managed to post a record revenue of $111.4 billion in the first quarter of 2021. Which is a 21% increase over the first quarter of last year. Keeping Apple shareholders less worrisome.


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