Best Investment Ways With $1000 Now

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4 Ways to Make Money With $1000 Or Less

Trying to invest just $1000 to make money might not seem like much. But that’s all you need to make your money work for you. There is quick money to be made with investing just $1000. Let’s go over the best investment ways with $1000 now.

If you have $1000 available to invest, then there’s no better time than now to start. If you don’t, there’s many ways you can accumulate your investment money. You can work extra hours at work, do odd jobs or sell your unused items at the local swap meet for example. How much do you want it? If you have more money to invest then better yet. But start at an amount that’s comfortable for you. Here’s 4 best investments to make to turn $1000 into more money fast.

Real Estate Investment Trust- One Of The Best Investment Ways For High Return On Investment (R.O.I.)

A REIT is a company that owns and operates income producing real estate. You have the opportunity to own valuable real estate that generates dividend producing income and returns. REITs are a low risk investment and offer one of the highest returns for your money. It is one of the best investments to make. The best way to build wealth is with safe long term investments.

There are different types of REITs available.

  • Equity REITs- a company that owns or operates real estate which produces income
  • Public Nonlisted REITs- PNLRs do not trade on national stock exchanges but are reigstered with the SEC
  • Private REITs- Shares do not trade on national stock exchanges and are exempt from SEC registration
  • Mortgage REITs- mREITs earn income from interest on real estate mortgages and mortgage backed securities it finances

You Can invest in REITs with as little as $500.

The best way to start investing with REITs are with platforms like Fundrise and Diversyfund.

Internet Marketing

There are many internet marketing courses available that you can immerse yourself in to make money. Amazon has an affiliate marketing course that will teach you how to make money with their program. You could first and foremost take one or more of the many online courses available that can teach you how to succeed online and help you decide what direction you would like to go.

Amazon is one of the biggest internet marketplaces around. They offer opportunities to sell products online. It could be the fastest way to grow money, if you find a product that’s in demand. There are educational videos available that show you how to succeed with Amazon online.

Join The Crowd And Make Money

Peer to Peer Lending is basically is a group of individuals pooling their money together to finance loans to other individual applicants. You essentially become the bank. Low interest rates, online applications and quick decisions have made the social lending marketplace a great success.

Peer To Peer Lending is an easy platform to join. Applicants can apply online, get a decision in minutes and receive a direct deposit of their loan into their bank account without talking or meeting with a loan officer.

Interest rates will vary depending on the applicants credit history and income. Most of the time the interest rate will be lower than a traditional bank loan.

With this platform the applicant will sometimes be offered loans by several companies at different terms. The applicant will be able to choose which loan offer to take or may be able to go with multiple offers. Some Peer to Peer companies are Lending Club, Prosper, Upstart and Funding Circle.

Angel Funding- One Of The Best Investment Ways For Startups

Becoming an Angel Investor is an opportunity that is now available to us all. You don’t need a lot of money to become an Angel Investor as it was before.

Angel Funding is when someone invests in a start-up company. Or a small company that needs investments to grow. In exchange these companies will offer future stock in the company or other return on investment should it become successful. It could become your best way to grow money if you invest with the right start-up. Angel Funding can end up receiving a return 20 times their investment or more if the company is successful!

Currently you can become an Angel Investor with as little as $100. Check out sites like Wefunder or Republic to see the many opportunities available.


Investing in your future is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The sooner you can invest, the better. Just starting out with a minimal investment of $1000 can grow with time and turn into a sizable amount.

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