Best Long Term Investments For Safe Return On Investment

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Securing a great financial future can be best achieved through investing. While there are many types of investments, preferably long-term investments. With short term investments being extra volatile compared to good long term investments. It is highly preferable to invest in good long term investments. However, choosing the best long term investments can be challenging. With long term investments offering quite a sure way to build wealth for the future. Considering easy and safe options remains crucial when considering an investment. The following are five easy and safe long term investments to consider.

Best Long Term Investments including Dividend Stocks

While growth stocks are the most common quick investment in the stock world. Dividend stocks are good long term stocks that can offer high returns. They offer investors dividends or a regular cash payout based on the amount invested and the stocks total returns. They are some of the best stocks for long term growth. Dividend stocks can achieve a safe and steady return on investment (ROI).

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Dividend stocks offer a low volatility investment. Making them some of the best long term stocks to invest in. However, like other investments, they rise and fall especially with stock markets entering rough periods. Nevertheless, the big appeal of investing in dividend stocks. Is that companies might offer you a two or three percent payout on your dividend annually.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Investing in real estate has become a common but worthwhile investment option for those seeking safe long-term investment vehicles. A Real estate investment trust is one of the best long term investments you can make. It has offered some of the safest and most successful investing opportunities available. It has been on a mostly upward trend since the effects of the economic downturn in 2009.

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The attractiveness of this investment is that one can borrow cash from the bank for most of the investment. Then pay it back over time as agreed upon with your lenders. Check with Fundrise and DiversyFund for REIT investment opportunities.

401K Investment Accounts

Named after the specific tax code that regulates it. 401K investment accounts are nowadays a viable option for long term investments. Notably, 401K investment accounts are designed to be cashed in when one retires. However, to have the 401K investment accounts pay off nicely, one might consider getting in early. This allows them time to grow and accumulate wealth slowly over the years.

The great thing about investing in a 401K investment account. Is that you get to enjoy some of the special tax benefits that it offers. Even better is the total assurance that one has when investing in the 401K investment account. As compared to other long term investments.

Mutual Funds

Falling in the category of actively managed funds. Mutual funds make it in the list of easy and safe long term investment options. Notably, the purpose of the fund, in this case, is not to match the underlying market index. But rather to outperform it. For instance, instead of investing in all stocks in a given market. A fund manager may choose several stocks. That he or she believes will have a promising return or rather great future prospects.

Treasury Securities

Think of you as a lender to the government. Well, that feels nice, and not only is it nice but actually rewarding. Treasury securities are loans sold through auction. In a manner that their actual value of a security. Depends on what investors are willing to pay for on a given day. Like stocks and bonds.

One can also purchase them from brokers, banks, or even online market places. Notably, treasury securities come in three types. These are treasury bills, treasury notes, and treasury bonds. Unless the government defaults on its loans. These treasury securities are a sure way to earn you money in the long term.


While there are many good long-term investments, some may not be optimal solutions for securing wealth in the distant future. However, these are some of the best long-term investments. One can be sure of receiving great returns on investment (ROI). Notably, the above investments offer a safe and easy way to invest your money for future gains.


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