Best Roadside Assistance Plans For The Rescue

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What Is A Roadside Assistance Emergency Plan?

A roadside assistance emergency plan is a detailed type of emergency services coverage plan that helps drivers cover the costs of emergency road services. It is an option on many auto insurance policies and is generally available for a monthly, semiannual, or annual fee. Some of the best plans cover:

  • Lockout services
  • Battery services
  • Flat tire replacements
  • Fuel deliveries
  • Towing
  • On-site repairs
  • Vehicle extraction

Many of these plans are offered through auto insurance companies but they are also offered by standalone roadside assistance companies. Such as vehicle manufacturers, credit card companies and cell phone providers like Verizon.

What To Consider

When shopping for a plan, consider your needs and budget as well as the reputation of the company. High-end companies can be expensive, but offer the features that may appeal the most to you.

Very low-cost companies may not offer the services you need. Look for a provider with a high rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure you’ll get solid coverage.

Here’s a look at some of the best roadside assistance companies and what you’ll get from each service.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Roadside Assistance Plans

There are five providers that stand out as the best roadside service providers: Progressive, AAA, USAA, and Better World Club

Buying a service plan through your insurer is usually the most inexpensive option, but premium services like AAA or Better World Club can be worth the extra fee.

Best roadside assistance- Progressive logo

1. Progressive– Best Roadside Assistance Coverages Overall

Progressive plans are slightly more expensive than other low-cost competitors. But offers better benefits. The most generally useful emergency roadside services included are towing, extraction, and lockout services. Progressive offers all of these and more, and the Progressive towing service has a greater range than similar competitors.

If you have Progressive car insurance already, going with Progressive roadside assistance is a no-brainer. It’s inexpensive and well worth it. Even if you don’t have Progressive insurance, we recommend looking into the insurer for its great coverage.

AAA Insurance logo

2. AAA– Best Premium Coverage

AAA services are the standard in roadside assistance plans. There are three different service policies: Classic, Plus, and Premier. The Classic plan limits towings to just five miles, but with the Plus plan, you can have your vehicle towed up to one hundred miles, which is farther than most other companies will tow.

Even with the basic AAA membership, you have access to the Department Motor Vehicle (DMV) services in some states. AAA can help you complete any paperwork you would normally do at the DMV.

Like vehicle registrations, ownership forms, and plate renewal services. Instead of going to the DMV, you can take care of these things at a AAA office, and AAA covers all the necessary fees.

The Features of the Plus and Premier AAA memberships is that they offer reimbursements for locksmith fees, emergency medical transport, and even windshield repair.

Best roadside assistance- USAA logo

3. USAA– Best Budget Coverage

USAA car insurance provides the best value, and this also extends to its roadside assistance program. While the services included are limited, at $14 per year, it is the most budget-friendly way to get roadside assistance. Even if you only use it once a year, USAA roadside assistance is very well worth the premium.

4. Better World Club– Best Green Coverage

Based out of Oregon, Better World Club is committed to providing great roadside assistance and protecting the planet through its 100% carbon-neutral services.

Better World Club is the only green roadside assistance and car insurance company. Plans are available in all 50 states and Canada. They also offer protection for bicycles. 

Better World Club has proven its dedication towards clean and environmentally friendly transportation through its B Corporation (B Corp) certification. Certified B Corporations are recognized as adhering to the highest environmental standards and initiatives of creating a healthier world. 

You can choose from two sustainable roadside assistance packages: the Premium Auto plan and the Basic Auto plan. Both plans offer towing, battery jump-starts, flat tire changes, lockout service, winching, trip routing, and additional discounts. Each new member pays a $15 sign-up fee, but this can be waived for new members switching from AAA to Better World Club.

5. Nationwide– Best Basic Plan Coverage

Nationwide provides stellar roadside assistance coming from a car insurance company. They offer two plans, basic and plus. The basic plan provides above-average service which includes ditch extraction.

The plus plan is a great choice for long-distance drivers, because it is one of the few companies that offer towing for up to 100 miles. As well as trip interruption reimbursement of up to $500. If you’re stranded farther than they will tow.

Who To Call When You Need Assistance

When you need assistance, simply contact your service provider. Customer support will walk you through what to do, contact the necessary services on your behalf and keep you informed when help is on the way. Some providers have their own dedicated roadside technicians, while others hire local independent contractors.

Are Roadside Assistance Plans Worth It?

Have you ever needed a tow, gas, locksmith, or someone to replace your flat? If the answer is yes, then you might find a lot of important benefits in a roadside assistance plan. Even if the answer is no, it might give you peace of mind just knowing that you are covered.

The best roadside assistance plans help you deal with unexpected auto emergencies, especially ones you may encounter during long road trips far from home.

In Conclusion

Some roadside assistance plans are much cheaper than the cost of a tow, or lockout service. While others could cost you several hundred dollars per year. Ultimately, whether roadside assistance is worth it depends on your needs and coverages.


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