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Best Stocks For High Dividend Income

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When looking to invest in stocks, receiving a regular payout is nice to have. Look for the best stocks with high dividends. These types of stocks pay out “dividends” on a regular basis if the stock is doing well.

While there are many great stocks to invest in out there, look for those with a long track record. Those with a good long track record tend to be safer and more productive investments.

What Exactly Is A Dividend Yield

A dividend yield are regular dividend payments to shareholders divided by the stocks price multiplied by 100. When shopping for stocks, look for those with high dividend yields. The higher the better. As well as ones with steady long term payouts.

Also, look for those that have a high total return. A total return is figured by adding or subtracting a stocks price change to or from its total yield. A change in price will affect your rate of return.

Best Stocks To Get You Paid

Here are 10 stocks to put into your portfolio now. They have great dividend yields and have been making money consistently for a while.

ABR Arbor Realty Trust Inc.- Dividend Yield 18.58%

RHP Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc.- Dividend Yield 15.19%

GSBD Goldman Sachs BDB Inc.- Dividend Yield 11.82%

VTR Ventas Inc.- Dividend Yield 11.33%

MO Altria Group Inc.- Dividend Yield 9.27%

MAIN Main Street Capital- Dividend Yield 8.84%

LTC LTC Properties- Dividend Yield 6.5%

CVX Chevron Corp.- Dividend Yield 5.74%

STAG Stag Industrial- Dividend Yield 5.6%

IBM International Business Machines Corp.- Dividend Yield 5.58%

When You Are Ready To Invest

If you are ready to invest remember to seek out high quality companies with long track records of consistent payouts. Research companies with a high dividend yield and total returns.

Check out the dividends a stock pays out at places like Nasdaq and Google Finance. When you have made your choices you can purchase the stock directly through the company or through a stock broker.

In Conclusion

Being an investor can be an exciting journey! Do your due diligence before deciding which companies to buy. Check out this post for other great stocks to consider. Have fun in your journey!

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