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Are you a proud owner of a blog website? Which blog owner doesn’t want to drive web traffic to their blog and make a living online? Well, if you are, you want to drive more web traffic to your blog. The positive side of traffic isn’t just the name and fame, but it is its sales. An investment in learning to become a good content creator can help you attract more traffic. Which can help you make more money with your blog because getting more web traffic means more income.

For this reason, you will always be looking for ways to increase traffic to your blog as a webmaster. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising to drive traffic to your blog site. Instead, you can focus on free and easy methods. Most importantly, these free methods are also extremely effective. So, let’s look at some important methods which you can utilize to generate traffic to your blog.

Make A Living Online With Search Engine Optimization

It should be added that simple methods are the most effective. Search engine optimization is one of the simplest and easiest ways to increase traffic. Suppose you have a blog that deals with updates to Hollywood movies. They have a nice blog and spend certain hours every day posting updates. He also has blog ads and earns a lot of money from website traffic.

As you may have guessed, “Hollywood Movies” is a very popular keyword. It has been used by search engines thousands of times a month. Blogging niches with popular keywords are necessary for search engine optimization. This means many visitors will be knocking on your door if your website is the first search for this keyword. You can now see the power of this keyword to drive significant traffic to your website.

You should now understand how to include your website in the search results for this keyword. It’s difficult? Well, not really, all you should do is focus on the smart distribution of that keyword in the content of your website.

This basic method is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to help you get your website upfront. WordPress Websites have the Yoast SEO widget built in that will guide you and make sure you are 100% SEO compliant!

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Online Directories Can Help You Make A Living Online

Once you get into search engine optimization, you can focus your energy on an RSS feed. There are many RSS directories, and you can send your RSS feeds to these directories. RSS subscribers are the most important asset of a blog as they come almost regularly to your website and love their content because of their uniqueness. Regular readers also play a major role in the success of any website. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of having RSS feeds on your blog. However, be sure to keep the icons so that they are clearly visible to viewers to increase web traffic to your blog.

Make Money Online With Social Networking

A good way to attract more visitors to your blog is to collaborate. By using numerous social networking sites on the Internet. Some of them offer links to your profile. So that other Internet users can click on your blog. If they want to see or get more information about you. Other social media websites not only help you increase traffic. But also show your Alexa Rank, which is your overall goal.

Popular social networking sites that can help you attract viewers are Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Digg and StumbleUpon. However, each of them requires time and effort. Although they are free, you must spend some time to take advantage of these free advertising opportunities.

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Make Money Online With Forum Posting

Guest posts on forums are another great way to get lots of free traffic and inbound links on the website. By posting on forums, you can insert your links into your signature tag and reach a completely different target group, so you can possibly walk through random people. Your latest post will also be published in many platforms, which will give your link more visits and your blog more visits.

There are many different forums on the Internet, but for best results, you should choose forums that cover products or topics that you discuss on your blog. Some general forums that you can visit to get started are Quora, Reddit, the SitePoint forums and the search engine forums. Search engine forums are great places to learn more about SEO tactics, which will also help you get more free traffic to your blog.

Comment On The Blogs

You can also get more traffic by commenting on other people’s blogs and creating that can create backlinks. Bloggers in a specific topic are happy to receive thoughtful and meaningful comments on their site and are inspired to return the favor by posting on their blog in return. You may not get extreme additional traffic, as this correlates to the number of blogs you comment on.

As an added benefit, however, you can achieve a certain level of awareness on the web. If you keep commenting or guest posting on another blogger’s website, you can also ask them to link your pages, which will open your link to more audiences. Many people who read the blog you’re linked to will also refer to yours as a recommended source.

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Make Money Online With Social Referencing

Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to store, sort, share, search, and discover Internet resources they find useful and creating internal links. Because social bookmarks are stored online, users can access them from anywhere – at home, at work, or on the go. These lists may be publicly accessible to users of a specific network or website. What you should do first is sign up for a social bookmarking site where you can save and bookmark.

Most social bookmarking services allow users to search for bookmarks associated with specific “tags” and classify resources based on the number of users who bookmarked them. This means that other visitors and members of social bookmarking websites can search for resources by topic, category, keyword, tag, or popularity to see what others have posted. On social bookmarking websites, users can find helpful and informative resources about pages that have been tagged because others have found them as valuable sources.

The above are some of the best strategies you can use to generate targeted web traffic for your blog. With the added benefit, these strategies can also generate leads for online businesses.

Make A Living Online With Your Blog

Blogging is an important thing on the Internet these days, and there are hundreds of ways to make money using a blog, but it’s hard to utilize all those features, and this is especially true if you are just starting a new blog. Basically, a blog is an online magazine where you can discuss any topic. Once your new blog is up and running, here are a few ways to make money using your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very popular way to make money on a blog. First of all, you need to find products to promote, preferably those that are in demand. You can do this in several ways, but joining ClickBank, PayDotCom, ShareASale or another affiliate network makes it easier.

Find the products you want to promote; Always check the commission, When you decide what to promote, you get an “affiliate link” (this is the link that you will use to promote the product), and then write a review or a copy of the sale. You will need to recommend and recommend your partner’s products; Your goal is to encourage people to follow your affiliate link and buy a product.

Text Link Ads

Text link advertising is apparently the easiest and most passive way to make money with a blog. Once you have earned money on your site, it is indexed by a search engine, and then the ad sites are associated with your site using keywords. The better you find the right keywords and texts, the more relevant your ads will be to your topic, which means a better chance for one of the readers to click on the link and buy the product. Because most text link ads pay a small amount per click, the only way to get serious money out of them is to get a lot of traffic to your blog page.

Sponsored Posts

Many advertising companies employ bloggers to send information about their business, product, or service. A blogger writes a post that has links provided by the advertiser to a company, product, or service. The requirements of each line item vary according to the needs of the advertiser. There are several popular sponsored networks, such as SponsoredReviews, where bloggers can find advertisers who offer to pay for sponsored posts.

Write Great Product Reviews

It is well known that when you have an established presence on the Internet, either on a blog or in a large list of emails, you can earn money on demand. If your blog gets a lot of traffic from loyal readers, creating a detailed post for your product can be a great source of money.

Make A Living Online Drop Shipping

Dropship means you can sell products without having to ship or store them. Find a company that offers dropshipping, subscribe to them, and starts selling their products on your blog. Each time you receive an order, you send it to the main company and send the goods to the customer. The buyer will believe that the goods came from your store, and you will receive a part of the profit. You will earn money simply by accepting orders, and the transfer company will do the rest. Dropship companies usually require a membership fee, monthly or annually.

Sell Online Courses

Creating and selling online courses can be a great way to earn some income from your blog, but at the initial stage, it’s quite difficult to make money from them. However, even with a very small budget (or no budget at all!), There are ways to promote an online course and try to make at least a few sales. Depending on the type of blog you may have social media accounts for your small business. Even if you have not yet created social media accounts, you can advertise your online course on your own private social networks. Remember to post your messages so your friends can see them, and people can share them with friends and a wider audience.

Google Adsense

This means placing a large number of ads on your site, selected by Google. When you click on these ads, you get part of what Google’s advertiser paid. Google will choose ads that are relevant to the content of your site, so this means that if you sell jewelry, Google will advertise on your site to other people who sell jewelry and related products. So basically send people to your competitor’s sites. Although I disagree with this, many people claim to make good money every month using Google AdSense! Another company that offers great advertising opportunities are PropellerAds. They offer some of the best ways to monetize your blog.


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People Make A Living Online With Amazon

One of the sites where you can earn money is with Amazon. They offer an affiliate program that you can use to recommend books, DVDs, and other related products. Amazon is also one of the top online earning sites. You will be surprised at what Amazon sells – we even saw snow blowers on it! The percentage paid by Amazon is low, but the products are well known and safe to use. You can get paid by cash or Amazon vouchers.

Make A Living Online Selling eBooks

You can easily add a digital goods store script to your existing blog and sell reselling ebooks and software. E-books are very popular and demand is growing. You can also sell videos, music, and other downloads from your digital store. Write and sell your own ebook. Write an ebook about your field of activity and post it for sale on your website. You can sell it directly, offer resale rights, or hire partners to sell it. If you need help with creating an ebook. By far the best eBook creator to work with is designrr.


These are some of the ways to make a living online. Over time, if your blog is still gaining more visitors, there is no limit to how much money you can earn online. You might consider selling your ad space to related companies for a good change. As long as you have open options and are continuously looking for more ways to monetize, full-time monetization on your blog can be accomplished! It is possible to make a living online!!


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