How To Make Money With Your Blog

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Fundamentals First

Before starting off and attempting to make bundles of money with your blog. There is first the fundamentals of blogging that make up the foundation of being successful at creating an income blogging. If you want to learn how to make money with your blog. You will need to build a solid foundation incorporating these 10 principles to create a solid foundation for your blog to build off of.

  1. Content– Writing a blog about something you don’t know much about will only discourage you in the end. Either from lack of knowledge in the topic or lack of people interested in viewing your blog. So, be sure to pick a blog niche that you have lots of knowledge about and that you have passion for.
  2. Blog Structure– Writing a good blog requires good formatting of your posts. Just inputting your title and writing a blog post full of nothing but continuous paragraphs is not going to cut it. Be sure to use section headings, subheadings and lists. Use quotation marks and parenthesis when needed. Bold lettering to highlight words and sentences. A headline should also be used.
  3. Spelling– Misspelling words can turn a reader off and cause them to leave your blog. So make sure to spell words correctly and use capital letters at beginning of sentences, names etc.
  4. Attention– Do your blog posts engage your readers? Keeping readers engaged is an important part of blogging success and site ranking. The longer your reader stays on your site, your Bounce Rate improves and so does your Website Ranking in Google’s eyes.
  5. Relevant Images- Use images to enhance your blog posts. Don’t overpopulate your post with images though. Use them to help tell the story or set a description of your posts. You can use your own custom images or free images from places like Pixabay and Unsplash.
  6. . Keywords– Keywords are an essential part of SEO. Use keywords that are relevant to your blog post topic and main keyword. Use your main keyword in your title, headings and subheadings. Sprinkle them throughout your text. Use it in your Meta description and slug. If you have a WordPress website. Yoast SEO will help you with keyword optimization and other SEO tasks. If you don’t have a WordPress website. I recommend you get one. It is the most used Website Content Management System. With all the supporting plugins and software you could possibly need.
  7. BacklinksBacklinks are links that connect to your website from other websites. Relevant backlinks improve your SEO and website ranking in search engines. The more the merrier. As long as it’s natural relevant backlinks from respectable authority websites. Creating good content will naturally help you gain new readers and increase the chance of them linking to you. Guest posting for other websites is another effective way of creating backlinks.
  8. Internal Linking– Linking of your blog pages to other relevant pages within your site improves SEO.
  9. Posting schedule and blog post length– If you’re just starting out try to write at least 1 post per week. At first you may find it a bit time consuming but after a few months you get into the hang of it. When you feel good and ready increase that duration to 2 or 3 posts per week. The text amount of your blog posts should be at least 500 characters to start off. 1500 characters is a good amount for social shares and building your search rankings, give or take a couple hundred characters. Posts with 2500 text characters or larger is best for building website authority and SERPS. (Search Engine Results Page). The most important factor to remember is to create good content. No matter how much posts you publish. If it’s of low quality content, it won’t rank well.
  10. Promotion– Many people think that writing a blog post and publishing it online is all you have to do for it to take off into the world wide web where everyone will see it. If only it were that easy. The most overlooked part of blogging after publishing is promotion. You need to promote your blog every chance you get. Become a social media marketer. On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you have other websites beside your blog you can also promote your blog on other personal or business websites. Email Marketing is another form of promotion that works. Promote your blog everyday if you can.

How To Monetize Your Blog

If you’ve been around the internet, then you’ve certainly seen the many blogs that are seemingly successful. Or are trying to sell you on an amazing product they’ve discovered. Quite a few people around the world are learning how to monetize a blog. To the point that many of them blog full-time and live comfortably just on that income. You can learn how to make money with your blog too. Some of the blogs are well done and inspiring, and others- well, aren’t. Makes you think, “I can do it better,” and you actually can.

When starting, it can be daunting. How do you even start? How does anyone make money by rambling about random interests? The questions are endless, but if you’re willing to take a chance. Then we’ll try to get you started on the right money-making path. You can definitely make money. Learning how to monetize your blog is not hard.

To monetize your blog, you’ll want to learn about digital marketing. This is basically using your site to attract traffic so you can garner their interest in your content. The following are examples of digital marketing that will help you make blogging your best business.

Make Money With Advertising

One of the key means of monetizing your site will be through your advertisements, or ads for short. Oftentimes, the ads are banners or pop ups on a page that are designed to get people to click. Away from the webpage onto an affiliate partners site to sell a product. Or offer a service. An awesome company that has great advertising opportunities are PropellerAds. They offer some of the best ways to monetize your blog.

How To Make Money With Your Blog Using Google Adsense

One of the easiest ways, when learning how to monetize your blog is with Google Adsense. A great, beginner-friendly ad program. Through this program, you can use the pay-per-click (PPC) settings. To ensure all advertisements on your site are relevant to your posted content.

For this to work, you will need a sufficient amount of content. So Google Adsense will recognize what ads are best suited to your needs. For example, if you choose to write about home decorating. You can expect ads for decorative pillows, blankets, and canvas arts.

Be mindful of how many ads are decorating your site. It can be overwhelming to be greeted by a substantial number of ads when arriving on the website. That could influence the readers’ decision to leave without reading your content. It is not good practice on how to make money by inundating your website with ads. Before adding clever advertisements on your blog, make sure to have a cushion of content already in place. Then slowly introduce ads as you gain more traffic.

Affiliate Marketing Money

Another great means of monetizing your blog is by joining the affiliate market. It works in tandem with having advertisements by embedding affiliate links in your articles to specifically market their products. If anyone buys the other site’s product by following the link from your article. You’ll get a cut of the profits.

It’s important to affiliate only for the products that you are knowledgeable on. Doing so ensures viewers that they can trust your judgement, and it’s less hours spent on researching an unfamiliar product. Try Magic Links or Share-A-Sale to start. Magic Links is a good starting point because it offers a large variety of retail products. Share-A-Sale is great for finding beginner-friendly referral-based commissions. Signing up is easy. At Share-A-Sale you will need to register. After a day or 2 you will receive a confirmation link. After confirmation, you will be good to go.

You will then be allowed to view 1000’s of affiliate partner offers. If you like the Company and affiliate offer. You can then click next to each offer to let them know you’re interested in being an affiliate partner. The company will review your application and website to see if they think you will be a good fit as an affiliate partner. Some companies will approve you instantly. You should get a response within a week.

Share-A-Sale is easy to work with. There is a dashboard with all your affiliate partners. Most popular ones. Payments made and paid out. Up to date information about your partnerships and new partners available. You can search companies individually or through categories.


While not directly concerning blogs, writing and selling eBooks is an excellent means of making money. Every sale is a profit to you, and sales can happen over a lifetime. This is easily the best passive income you can get. The trick is getting people to purchase your eBook. Ebooks are one of the top digital products to sell. Create an ebook on a popular niche and list it for sale. Need help with creating an ebook? The best eBook creator is designrr.

This is where having your blog comes in. Advertising your eBook on your blog ensures you’ll have viewers seeing it. Especially the loyal readers who visit every time you have something to say. If they love your blog’s content, then they’ll love your eBook. There’s only so much you can say in a blog. EBooks allow more detail and ample examples your readers will want.

Email Marketing List

When trying to monetize your blog, it’s important to have a reliable stream of viewers. A means to guarantee this is by having a membership of some sort, such as an email list. Creating an email list is one of the easier means of keeping your viewer count where you want it.

Having an email marketing list makes it quick and easy to draw people back to your blog. When you’ve posted new content. But it also gives you a chance to interact with the more loyal viewers. The more positive interaction you have through these email marketing lists. The easier it is to entice your viewers to click on your advertisements and affiliate links. If you wanted, you could also slip in advertisements for your eBooks, and other potential paraphernalia.

A couple of the best programs to help you keep track of your email list are Constant Contact or MailChimp. Constant Contact is particularly popular with small businesses, so you know you have a quality program at your disposal. One caveat to Constant Contact is the subscription requirement.

If you’re unsure whether it’s the best fit for you, however. Then take advantage of the 60-day free trial it offers so you can get a real feel for it. If you want to keep everything as cost-efficient as possible, then MailChimp is a solid second. It comes with a free plan, and is constantly updating with new features. To make your email marketing as easy as possible.


Finally, you can launch courses on your blogs to further guarantee traffic. Courses are like eBooks, in that the passive income incurred by them are 100% yours. Because of this, it’s recommended to take full advantage of what sharing courses can offer. You just have to decide what courses you want to build for your viewers. Try to keep in mind what your viewers visit the most. Learning how to monetize your blog also involves learning your target audience. You’ll be guaranteed a stable income and a reliable client base.

A basic platform to start on is Teachable. This is a decent resource that helps you create courses that can easily be viewed on various devices. When you’re more comfortable with building courses, Thinkific is a great upgrade from Teachable. Thinkific offers multiple media resources to help you perfect your course, and boosts the appeal with ample customization options.

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