How To Save More Money In Everyday Life

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Knowing how to save money in this time and age is a necessity. Especially, with all the economic fallout that the Coronavirus pandemic has been causing. Here are some tips on ways to save money that you can apply to your everyday living. Learn how to save more money with these creative ways.

Tips On Ways To Save Money With Store Credit

Shopping at places like Target or WalMart is a plus when it comes to saving money. In addition to the everyday low prices you may find there, you can save even more by having a store finance credit account.

Target has a great “Red Card” store credit card account. You automatically save 5% off the total amount of all purchases at anytime.

WalMart also has a similar credit card account although with a variable savings tier. 5% off purchases at & the Walmart app, Grocery Pickup and Delivery purchases. 2% off purchases at Walmart stores, Walmart & Murphy USA Fuel Stations, Restaurants & travel. 1% back everywhere else Mastercard®is accepted.

Look into your local area stores for other store credit accounts that can save you lots of money. Many offer “club” type memberships that offer discount pricing.

Credit Card Price Protection

Price Protection services offers the credit card account holder the opportunity to receive cash back if they find a lower price on a product they purchased. However, not all credit card accounts offer this service.

For example if a consumer purchased a 50″ television at Best Buy for $300 then seen the same product on sale at WalMart for $260 the consumer will get $40 cash back.

Price Protection accounts differ so check all the details. Some accounts only give a time frame of 30 days for cashback. While others may allow 60 days. Some accounts automatically search for money saving prices for you. In other Price Protection accounts you are responsible to find and report the savings yourself. There are Apps that can help you. One of those Apps called Paribus are very easy to use.

Do Not Forget To Scan The Ads

One of the often-overlooked things to do to save money is to check out the weekly store advertisements. Weekly ad supplements have been around since the beginning. Learn how to be frugal by being creative and resourceful and you will save more money.

Check out those weekly ads. You will be surprised how much you can save. Take it one step further and check out a few stores weekly ads and save even more. I have easily saved $50 a week through advertised sales. Now do the math, that is $200 a month of savings!

Tips On Ways To Save Money On Gas

Many gas stations have credit accounts that offer rewards like cash back or instant savings for example. My local Chevron offers an instant 5% discount off the total purchase amount if cash or debit card payments are used.

A WalMart credit card offers a 2% discount off the total purchase price at Walmart & Murphy USA Fuel Stations. One of the best ways on how to save cash is by cutting gas costs!

Final Words

These are just a few easy money saving tips to help you save money in everyday life. You will be surprised how much you can save by taking these steps towards money management. In addition, if you want to learn how to save up money to put towards a savings or investment account. Start with these easy ways to save money.

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