Buy Or Rent A Home? What Is Better


Is it better to buy or rent a home? In our current economy, many are wondering if buying a home is really better than renting it. With low home rentals, higher prices, and greater difficulties in obtaining mortgages, there are valid points to renting a home. Consider the following points before making a decision.

Buy Or Rent A Home For Tax Benefits

Monthly mortgage payments always include a portion of the interest and the principal amount of the loan. It also often includes parts of taxes and insurance. Federal income tax rules allow homeowners to withhold all of your interest payments and taxes. This gives you great tax benefits.

In order to obtain tax benefits when owning a home, you must include your deductions in the federal tax return. Although most people ask for a standard discount, detailed discounts usually save you money. By subtracting interest payments and mortgage taxes, your savings will be significant.

Sometimes buying a house through foreclosure requires some upfront money to cover expenses like down payment and closing costs. Some of these costs, however, may be included in your mortgage. Owning a house requires regular maintenance of the property, so you will need to prepare and finance a budget for this.

Benefits When You Buy Or Rent A Home

With home ownership, you are steadily increasing your equity in your property. This capital is an asset that can later provide you with financial security, as well as the ability to take out loans for things like home improvement, college fees for your children, or even down payment for your next home. Over time, when the percentage of loan payments falls, the volume increases. When fixed capital becomes your capital, this means that your assets grow faster over time.

Your Lifestyle can affect your decision to buy or rent a home

There are also some non-financial factors to consider. Owning a home requires some stability. If your job requires you to move a lot, renting may be your best option. On the other hand, owning offers some freedom that you cannot get from renting: you can do whatever you want with your property. You can change the environment and the landscape at any time. You do not depend on the owner’s permission to improve the property. And you don’t need to wait for the owner to solve all the problems.

The Advantages Of Renting Versus Purchasing Your Home

Regardless of whether or not you’ll get financial benefits from buying a home or not, there are many people who decide to rent instead of owning their own home. What are the main advantages of renting a home instead of buying it? What is better?

1. Saving money when you buy or rent a home

One of the biggest advantages of renting a home, is the ability to save money. Knowing how to save money in everyday life is a special trait to have. An additional advantage is that although rents rise over time, they tend to grow gradually and in stages. However, in unstable economic times, interest rates on home loans can rise very quickly to a level you may not have expected when purchasing your property and realize you cannot afford it.

2. Whether you rent or purchase a home, repairs may be needed

When you rent a property, the owner is responsible for all repairs. This means that when problems arise with things like the appliances, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. the owner is responsible for those repairs.

3. Short or long term commitments when you rent or purchase a home

Buying a home is usually a long-term investment. Renting a home is usually shorter term. There are also some shortcomings in renting instead of buying, such as all of your rental money goes to another person. You are limited by what you are allowed to do with the property (additions, renovations, etc.).

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Pros Of Buying A Home

1. Appreciation

Over time your housing value will increase. Ultimately, when you sell real estate, you want to make a profit.

2. Building equity

When you pay off your mortgage payments, you will pay your principal balance over time on the mortgage loan, which will potentially result in substantial equity. Building equity is a great benefit of buying a home.

3. Tax incentives

Homeowners are entitled to many tax benefits, such as interest deduction on mortgages and housing discounts for freelancers.

4. Freedom

Home ownership will allow you to decide how and when to improve your home. You can choose paint color, carpet type, or any home improvement. You do not need to obtain permission from an owner. Chose to make upgrades and renovate as you see fit.

5. Community

Home ownership will give you a sense of pride in your community, often leading to new friends and groups you can join.

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Cons Of Buying A Home

Maintenance costs

Now, as the homeowner, you must bear all costs of maintenance and repairs that are needed over time. All of these costs must be borne by you, and therefore added to the additional costs when buying a home.

Not a liquid asset

Home ownership is not a liquid investment, that is, you cannot transfer or sell it right away. This should be done over time. If you need to move, selling the house right away at desired price is very difficult. This often becomes a reason to consider other investments.


As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages whether you rent or purchase a home. What works for you really depends on you, your family, your goals, and your dreams. Current market conditions can also play a big role in your decision. purchase a home,family,


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