Retire Early And Be Financially Set For Life

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Retire early. Start working at 20 and retire at 45. It sounds like a dream or even crazy, right? Now hear this, retiring early is entirely possible. In this article, we shall have a detailed overview of retiring early and getting set for life. If you spread investments in the right places, it is possible.

Benefits Of Retiring Early

Among the most apparent benefits of retiring early is that you get ample time to do stuff that you enjoy away from work. Leisure Traveling and having a look at more of what the globe has to offer. Usually are the two top agendas on the list of enjoyable things to do after retirement.

However, apart from leisure traveling, there are many other benefits of early retirement. These rewarding alternative benefits include:

  1. Improved physical and mental health.

2. You find a wide range of newfound interests.

3. Early retirement is such an excellent result of saving more money.

4. Early retirement creates more free time to be with family and friends

Additionally, early retirement gives you an opportunity to find new avenues of earning revenue away from salary and pension.

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What Steps Do I Need To Take To Retire Early?

Changing one’s attitude toward money. The ideal definition of money can simply be said as having a certain type of value that we can exchange for alternative items. Knowing how to save money in everyday life is highly beneficial.

You see, many employees out have attached so much worth to money when, in the real sense, money is merely ”useless objects”. Even though this is true, we cannot deny that, despite money being only paper and metal, we depend on getting our daily take of it.

It is not that people should entirely dismiss the value of money. Instead, individuals should change to a certain extent, how they view and use it. The first thing in preparing for early retirement is adjusting our habits and perceptions as far as money is concerned.

One of the best habits to have is cutting out on any expenses that are not relevant to your living.

The usual savings requirement for incomes is normally between 5 to 15 percent of an individual’s salary. However, raising these savings to a range of 40 to 80 percent of your salary can secure a six-figure net worth in just a few years. Remember that your net-worth is a big part of securing early retirement.

Since incomes vary, what are the saving requirements for early retirement at various levels of income? And can people with a lower income retire early as quickly as people with higher pay?

Let us look at it on different income levels.

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An income of $30,000 annually

If you earn 30,000 US Dollars every year, you can hit 2 million dollars within a period of 2 decades. Simply by putting aside a considerable part of your annual income.

Assuming that you had saved some 5,000 Dollars before, you will have to keep an extra $4256.98 every month, and at an investment rate of return of 6% in order to hit the $2 million mark in twenty years.

How is that practical for an employee making 30,000 Dollars per year? Because this amount by a wide margin exceeds the annual earnings of $30, 000. Is there a way out?

The answer is looking for supplementary sources of your annual income. You may think of establishing a side venture or investing your current savings.

Side Hustles

For instance, you can put $5, 000 into real estate. Look for alternatives that will help you invest small amounts of money in big projects. For instance, you can consider Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s). Check out fundrise or EquityMultiple. With such options, you can pull your savings with other investors to finance real estate developments.

The real estate market is dominant among other ventures in its category. This market is extensive, and its returns are rewarding. REIT’s are one of the safest investments around.

Nomatic Life on the Move

Another side hustle that you could venture into is freelance online writing. Let writing be more than a hobby for you. You may consider selling your writing services to companies. You can create product reviews, buying guides, marketing content, and any other kind of writing that companies and businesses are ever in need of.

With this kind of alternative income, you have endless opportunities. Once successfully approved, you can make substantial amounts of money in addition to your current salary.

Other side hustles include obtaining or producing an item to sell on eBay, Etsy or Amazon. Contrary to paying out significant amounts to host a website and sell online, you can achieve these sales through online platforms such as these. These platforms allow you to save money and earn extra income to put aside for investment into your retirement savings.

The opportunities are endless as far as achieving extra money for your two million dollar early retirement.

The point we’re making is that an annual $30,000 salary for twenty years won’t be suffice if you wish to retire early at 45, having attained $2 million. At the same time, this argument doesn’t make an assumption that you’ll be making more money each year (which you should, as your career grows). However, you’ll still need a side hustle as a supplementary source of income.

$60,000 annual income

Maybe you are making double the annual income mentioned earlier and are firm on retiring early at 45. Assume you have saved $20,000. First, give yourself a pat on the back regularly for saving that much.

You are living a good life. However, remember your goal is to increase your savings and retire at 45. To achieve all this, you have to save $4,042.04 EVERY month for the next 20 years, at a rate of return on investment of 6% at which will allow you to save 2 million dollars. Alternatively, if the rate of return on investment is 10%, you have to save $2,537.26 every month.

At the rate of 6%, $48,504.48 in total has to be saved annually for twenty years. This means that roughly 81% of your annual income has to go to your retirement savings. At a rate of return on investment of 10%, roughly 51% of your USSD60 000 earnings must be saved, which totals to USSD30, 447.12 annually for the next two decades.

$100,000 annual income

At a salary of $100,000 annually and assumed savings $40,000, as you have been so stellar with your savings plan. In order to retire in 20 years with a retirement savings of 2 million dollars it’s a little easier.

To raise $2 million in two decades, it is necessary to save $3,755.48 every month. Gaining this much every month means putting your capital in a venture that gives you a rate of return on investment of 6%. Alternatively, if the investment gives a rate of return on investment of 10%, you will have to save $1,861.74 per month.

At a rate of 6%, you must save $45,065.76 annually. This translates to roughly 45% of your $100,000 yearly earnings. With a return on investment of 10%, 22% of your annual revenues have to be saved every year.

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Adjust Yourself To Help Maximize Your Retirement Savings

Not everyone can become a millionaire overnight and retire earlier than the rest. Despite seeming impractical to save so notably, it is feasible. It just calls for discipline and a change in lifestyle. For instance, adjusting to a moderate lifestyle can help you achieve your goals a bit faster.

Saving at the expense of cell phone bills, eating out frequently, expensive clothes and other kinds of pleasure can make your savings for earlier retirement accumulate faster.

Additionally, reducing your housing expense into something more affordable and smaller can cut your spending and your mortgage payments.

Most people feel the urge to live above what they truly can afford . This, in turn, can force people not to live within their means. Living above the grade is a habit that can quickly leave you depleted financially, and it can, in turn, keep you from achieving your desired goal.

Looking for a supplementary income sources is another lifestyle change that can help you accelerate your earlier retirement savings.

If you are working on one trade at the moment, you may consider a side hustle to increase your avenues of income and flow of money.

What Else Should I Do To Accelerate My Retirement Savings?

Regular retirement plans insist on common financial ideas such as passive investment plans and saving. We may call this a “secure and gradual path to prosperity”. If you have a company 401k plan available. Participate in it and max out your contributions whenever possible.

This works well when you apply it prudently over a 40-year career to fund a 30 plus year retirement plan. However, people who retire early have shorter careers compared to their more extended retirement periods. This implies that early retirees have less time to save, and they need more money to spend once they take their retirement. The convectional practice will only be useful when you follow the utmost prudence to maximize the savings and retirement income you need.

You need to know your numbers if you plan to retire early

These numbers’ refer to the amount of money you will need to live on throughout your retirement. There are two very important numbers to be aware of.

1. The amount of money you will need yearly for your retirement.

2. The nature of the retirement plan(s) you need to raise that kind of money.

Calculating the income you need upon retirement

It is a good idea that you should have a plan to retire on an income 80% of your pre-retirement earnings. That is a good number to shoot for. However, you may wish to use it as just a starting point to your ideal number.

Depending on your life plans for retirement, the real number could either be higher or lower. For instance, if you project that health insurance will be more expensive than it is currently, you will be forced to make an upward adjustment. If you project that housing will be lower, either as a result of downsizing, a cheaper home, or paying your mortgage, you may make a downward adjustment.

Once you’ve reached your magical number, you can then proceed to calculate the size of the investment plan that you need to generate that income.

Avoid debts if you plan to retire early

Debt is one more of those negative habits that will wreck your earlier retirement plans an in this case, a serious one. Debt minimizes your cash flow. This reduced cash flow cuts into the amount of money that you’ll have at hand for retirement contributions and savings.

Additionally, there’s a toxic mentality around debt as far as retirement is concerned. In the event that you are too comfortable with debt, there’s a very high possibility that you’ll carry a few, or even numerous debts into your retirement. These carry over debts will only raise the cost of your living, and make early retirement far more uncertain.

Seek the guidance of a Financial Advisor when planning to retire early

Be sure to keep a keen eye on your cash. Make a point to seek clarity on terminologies or concepts that don’t make sense when investing. Make sure that you get fully involved in your financial plan, and take control of your financial situation. Don’t make a decision before talking it through with an expert who understands your financial goals and ask any and all questions that you may have.

In Conclusion

Everyone has their understanding of retirement. If you wish to retire by the time you are 40, you need to give a thought to the way you’re going to be spending the next as-many-as forty years or more after retirement, making an assumption that you have a typical life expectancy.

The starting points for success and preparation for our retirement years. Is attained by just changing our attitudes about money, taking control of our spending habits, saving money, and working diligently to maximize our income streams. By keeping true to such practices, retiring in 20 years is more than practical. All the best in your retirement preparations and good luck!


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