An investment trust in which a group of people invest their money in ventures related to residential or commercial real estate is called a Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). These trusts hold and manage a large number of commercial mortgages and real estate. These mutual funds actually show the best […]

What is an index fund and how do they work to make money? For the majority of us Index funds are a great way to build wealth for retirement. Most of us do not have the time and resources to manage our own portfolio. To have it produce enough income […]

A Mutual fund, in simple words, are basically a common pool of money that you share with other investors. These investors contribute with their money as well, the total money will be invested in the investment objective of the mutual fund. The money is usually invested in stocks, gold, bonds, […]

When looking to invest in stocks, receiving a regular payout is nice to have. Look for the best stocks with high dividends. These types of stocks pay out “dividends” on a regular basis if the stock is doing well. While there are many great stocks to invest in out there, […]