Top Virtual Assistant Companies To Ease Your Mind

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A virtual assistant is usually self-employed and offers technical, social, professional, or administrative assistance. Usually, working remotely from their office or home. You can use the service for help managing your business or daily tasks. Hiring one of these top virtual assistant companies can make a positive difference in the overall performance of your company.

Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

  • Save Time And Money

Virtual assistants come with multiple skills in different fields. Your graphic designer will only focus on the graphic design part, while your content writer will only focus on the content creation. When all tasks are delegated according to each virtual assistant’s specialty, you can expect more things to get done in much less time.

  • Prevent Burnout

Having a lighter workload can help reduce your stress levels, so a number of handpicked virtual assistants to perform certain tasks for you effectively can take a lot off your mind.

  • Discover Different Skill Sets

The most talented graphic designer might be curled up in his bed somewhere in the Bahamas, waiting for the perfect opportunity to share his skills. You’ll have the option of choosing a virtual assistant from anywhere in the world as opposed to just your local area.

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Top 8 Virtual Assistant Companies

1. OkayRelax


  • This virtual assistant company enables you to schedule meetings with a client.
  • Easy signup
  • It helps you to find a hotel, and tasks involving in travel planning.
  • Calendar management
  • It recommends an activity that matches your likes or dislikes.

A task-based virtual assistant organization situated in Florida. They understand you need a break sometimes to be as productive and efficient as you need to be. And you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to need OkayRelax’s services.

If you’re a busy parent, blogger, or traveler, OkayRelax will be happy to accommodate you and set you up with a dedicated personal assistant who can help lighten your heavy load. Their affordable plans are perfect for anyone who needs immediate help.

Sharp enough to determine how many tasks you may be needing delegation for, what kinds of tasks these are, and how long each task is going to take. Reservations, scheduling, research, administrative tasks, even travel bookings. You can expect precise and professional work.

2. MyOutDesk


  • Affordable plans
  • Training
  • Background check of employees

MyOutDesk has made quite the name in providing world-class virtual assistant services to help you save money every year and get tasks done. With high-rated virtual assistants, you can focus more on expanding your business and letting your staff handle the tasks with ease.

Partnering with MyOutDesk means saving time and money assembling offshore staff who are trained and highly efficient. MyOutDesk guarantees that their business model is crafted from decades of experience in providing virtual assistant services, matching you with the best candidate for each task.

Each candidate is proficient in the skill set necessary for the tasks at hand, and has received ample training to achieve this. MyOutDesk’s virtual assistants are provided with the equipment and home offices they need to perform better. 

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3. Remote CoWorker


  • Account managers with 24/7 support
  • Weekly progress reports.
  • Month to month with No setup fees.
  • Outbound calling, Inbound receptionists, email campaigns, flyer campaigns, SEO, graphic design, CRM management, calendar management, full back office support, bookkeeping, social media management, and much more!

Remote CoWorker is a virtual staffing agency that helps businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs of all sizes to operate with a low overhead cost. It enables you to focus on the most critical tasks of your business, while the rest of your workload is being completed. This company offers agents that can adapt to any industry, and complete any task given.

4. Fancy Hands


  • Affordable plans
  • You can send a text message for a quick request.
  • Product purchase support
  • You can submit a request by web, email, or through mobile phones.

Need to delegate occasional and routine tasks? Fancy hands can take care of that for you. Their comprehensive plans and pricing model make it easy for you to make a decision when you sign up.

What easily sets Fancy Hands apart from other platforms are the special features they offer on top of their plans. These features include rollover credits which are basically unused credits or requests from previous months so they don’t go to waste. Setting recurring tasks/requests so you can forget about them and focus on other matters. App integrations and so much more.

5. GetFriday


  • Assistance with all travel-related work.
  • It can manage your email and calendar.
  • It can handle personal social media profiles.
  • Provides assistance in organizing and maintaining e-files.
  • It enables you to prepare and manage reports

GetFriday is a company that provides a solid personal virtual assistant. This organization offers 24X7 customer support. They offer Virtual assistant services that help you offload your time-consuming mundane tasks.

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6. MyTasker


  • 24/7 support
  • Accounting services
  • You can back up your data.
  • My Tasker offers emergency support.
  • This organization helps you to solve browser-related issues.
  • It enables you to organize your email.

MyTasker is a virtual assistant service that helps individuals and entrepreneurs meet their needs. This company offers solid administrative assistance. Which helped them make this list of top virtual assistant companies.

7. Prialto


  • Sales management
  • You can send a request via email, chat, or call.
  • Administration tasks
  • Prialto can manage your professional network.
  • Scheduling assistance

Prialto offers professional support for busy executives & enterprise teams. They offer a range of sales, operations, and admin support for individuals and organizations They can provide you with a team that supports you in managing all of your business-related tasks.

8. Woodbows


  • Dedicated & Experienced Virtual Assistants
  • Offices in Asia and North America
  • Well-Supervised offices in the USA, PHILIPPINES AND INDIA

Woodbows help entrepreneurs, professionals and executives to have a better work-life balance. Each virtual assistant at Woodbows has been handpicked and has had to go through three sets of tests to ensure their skill sets are a good match for you.

It helps that there are virtual assistants offshore, easily making the services available 24/7, because they understand that task deadlines are not confined to the US time zone. You can get the extra help you want to free up your time so you can focus on your core business strategies.

They offer services such as email marketing and management, content writing, web design, website maintenance, data entry, inbound or outbound calls, bookkeeping, real estate, software and app development, Social Media Management (SMM), customer support, and administrative tasks.

In Conclusion

Having one of the top virtual assistant companies on your side allows you to have more free time. Identify the tasks that require your attention. And for other tasks, if possible, assign them to Virtual Assistants to get those done on time! By offloading your mundane tasks, a virtual assistant can literally add more productive hours to your workday, lighten your workload and ease your mind.


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