URL Structural Importance For Better SEO


What Is A URL

A URL, also known as the Uniform Resource Locator. Identifies a resource by its localization and its access mechanism. It consists of reserved and non-reserved characters. An optimized URL structure or design is an important prerequisite for good placement in the results of well-known search engines.

Why A Website’s Structure Matters

Before creating a website, try to plan its final structure as best that you can. The basic structure of a website should not be fundamentally changed after it has been indexed by search engines, if possible. Otherwise, search engines could have problems crawling your site properly.

In general, it can be said that the URL design. Like the entire website, should not be explicitly for search engine optimization. But should be done for the user experience as well.

Use Keywords In URLs For SEO

You should therefore always define understandable URLs that correspond to the content of the respective page. Use important keywords and avoid difficult-to-understand combinations of numbers and characters.

URL- Structure, Plan, Coding, Strategy

Individual keywords can be combined with a hyphen, but the search engines will evaluate them separately. Filenames should not necessarily be displayed in the URL, as they make it difficult, for example, to dynamically convert a static website later.

Search engines can quickly narrow down the subject of a page based on the keywords in the URLs. The visitor, on the other hand, knows immediately what to expect and is not put off by a URL that looks too complicated.

Keep URL Length As Short As Possible

Parameters such as example.de/webshop/index.php?product_id=10 are rather unsuitable and should be avoided if possible. Another common mistake is a too complex or too deep URL structure.

Search engine crawlers do not necessarily index or track every link. In addition, clearly and simply structured websites can be updated more easily and also adapted afterward.

Exact Match Domains

Exact match domain URLs used to be a broad strategy that saw some less optimized sites ranking higher than others. While that’s no longer the case, it can still help you stand out to Google and potentially rank you higher than your competitors.

For an excellent example of this, look no further than the deal site Hotels.com . When you search for “hotels” on Google, they rank in the number one position.While this won’t immediately rank you higher, it’s another way that your URL can give you a slight edge with the right conditions.

Even if you don’t use an exact match URL, finding the right keywords to include in your permalinks will help you start ranking for more keywords and see more organic growth. Your URLs will be more memorable, and you’ll always have your target keyword included on every page on your site.


A Clearly and simply structured or defined URL is advantageous for Search Engine Optimization as well as for the user experience. I hope this helps you create one that helps drive loads of traffic to your site. Use optimized URLs in your site structure for best conversions.


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