What Is A Blog And Its Fundamental Purpose?

Word "BLOG"

Blogs are now an integral part of the world of the Internet. Whenever we hear the word “blog”, we know that it is something related to new technologies. Something related to writing.

Where did blogs originate from?

One of the oldest forms of blogging was the moderate Usenet discussion group, created in 1983. It is the oldest blog on the Internet and remains active to this day.

Blogging in its current format became popular in 1999. Then really gained momentum in 2002. Blogging began in the mid-1990s. Justin Hall, a student at Swarthmore College in 1994 was a proficient blogger and popularized its format.

In 2004, the Merriam-Webster dictionary announced a “blog” with the word of the year. This is not surprising, as long as major players, such as newspapers, magazines, major television shows, and presidential candidates. Regularly used blogs as part of their advertising artillery.

Blogging comes from the world of information technology. Just like the people involved in this field write (write) their opinions, experiences, and thoughts on IT issues. Then publish them on the Internet. Over time, the popularity of the blogging Hobby has spread to other areas, and today there are blogs on all topics under the sun. Learning how to create content for a blog is an art that comes with time and progression.

Different types of blogs

Here are some common blogs you can find on the Internet today and how to use them.

A blog-man on computer

Personal blog

Publication of personal thoughts, opinions, comments or just an online magazine. A personal blog is a place for individual reflection on oneself, the environment, the community, events, and the world.

Many people create blogs for personal reasons. Most people who create personal blogs do not want to make money on them. Although some personal blogs become so popular that the opportunity to make money comes very easily with all the organic traffic it attracts.

Corporate blog

Is a communication tool for employees, executives, customer reviews, and product reviews. The most common use of company blogs is to distribute information among company employees and submit product reviews for viewing by customers.

Customer reviews are an important application of company blogs. It is a direct connection between a client and a corporation. But a unique and interesting feature of the blog is that it is a corporate conversation.

Niche Blog

A niche blog is a professional or non-professional, goal-oriented and designed for a specific market niche or target group. A niche blog is where a particular topic comes down to a specific category. This category may be more limited depending on the choice of the owner.

For instance, a documentary that exclusively contains animal documentation is a niche blog. Popular blogging niches include health and fitness, food, finance, fashion and lifestyle blogs.

Political Blog

On a political blog, this topic is just politics. The focus is on investigating events, facts, and people associated with the government or government agencies. Most political bloggers use it as a free way to express concern about government issues and criticize government officials or projects. This provides an opportunity for various professionals to discuss their personal political views.

Travel Blog

A travel blog talks about travel destinations and travel issues. As a rule, it provides information about places and attractions around the world. Travel blogs contain photographs and maps that allow viewers to see various potential destinations. It also helps travelers by updating them about currencies, prices, tariffs, and current events at a specific destination.

Music Blogs

This type of blog discusses music and everything related to it. It provides viewers with music files for downloading their favorite music.

Photo blog

Displays various types of photos for public viewing. It allows you to share photos, upload photos, and share photos between creators and viewers.

Educational blog

Are supported for classroom instruction, online assignments, tests, projects, and exams. It also offers online discussions between teachers for educational policy purposes.


When you decide to start a blog, you should carefully consider your complete business plan. Whatever the topic you choose, make sure it matches your business plans. Be sure it is something you are passionate about and excites you.


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