Worthy Bonds- Have You Heard Of Them

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What Are Worthy Bonds

Worthy Bonds enables you to invest in small businesses. By providing asset-backed loans to America’s growing businesses. Each bond costs $10 to start at 5% fixed interest, no fees, no catch – no kidding.

How Do Worthy Bonds Work? 

Worthy Bonds are SEC qualified bonds that help fuel American businesses. Proceeds from bonds sales are primarily loaned to growing companies that offer collateral like inventory and real estate to secure the funds. Since the money from these sales helps fund the loans. Bondholders, get to indirectly share the interest generated!

Here’s a breakdown of a Worthy Bond:

  1. Worthy Bonds are sold to investors
  2. Worthy loans money from Bond sales to American businesses
  3. Businesses repay loans to Worthy with interest
  4. Bondholders investment grows from accrued interest
  5. Investment returned to Bondholders plus 5% interest

Who Can Purchase Worthy Bonds?

They are available to all US investors a minimum of 18 years old. If you have a net worth of $1 million or a yearly income of $200,000, you are considered an accredited investor. An accredited investor can purchase as many as desired. Non-accredited investors can buy up to 10% of their annual income or net worth.

Worthy Bonds aren’t FDIC insured, but in spite of this. They are a legit company and SEC-registered. The Bonds are a relatively safe investment and you can withdraw your investment at any time with interest. Without an early withdrawal penalty.

Worthy permits you to make one-time and recurring monthly contributions. They can even monitor your credit card usage. Then, round-up your everyday purchases to the next whole dollar and automatically invest this “spare change” in another $10 Worthy Bond.

No matter how you fund your investment account. Interest begins compounding (ie, earning more interest). Worthy can reinvest your interest earnings in $10 intervals. You must activate this feature in your account settings.

Until you activate automatic reinvesting, your interest income sits idle until you sell the original bond. If you plan on investing long-term, enabling automatic reinvestments is the best way to maximize your potential passive income.


Worthy Bonds are a legit and affordable way to earn a fixed income. The 5% annual yield is better than the current savings account interest rates. They can be a pivotal passive income idea to diversify your investment portfolio and save for retirement. What do you think of this relatively new type of investment opportunity?

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