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Can you imagine that blogging as we know it never existed 25 years ago? Did you even understand the meaning of the word “blog” when you first heard it? Well, right now, there are over 500 million blogs. In this post, we’ll look at why you should design a web page for your blog. It is essential and beneficial in getting your online recognition. In addition to that, almost everything has its fair share of advantages as well as disadvantages so, we’ll also cover those areas in our assessment of a blog website. But first;

What is a blog?

A blog is defined as an informational website where information is being relayed in a conversational tone and chronological order. A blog is where an individual or group of writers share their divergent views on a given subject or niche. The best niches for blogging are ones that you are passionate about and contain great keywords as well.

Blogs are essential in terms of marketing and relaying of information. Moreover, blogs have gained much recognition and merit worldwide due to the growth and change witnessed on the web. Back to our main topic.

Why should I design a web page?

Well, blog websites are great for marketing purposes. Therefore, if you need your product or services to reach a wider audience, then create a website. A website is essential to your business.

Due to the advancement of the technological era, big multi-million companies also conduct their hiring process online. Another good reason to create a website for online presence.

According to a recent study, nine out of ten companies prefer mining online profiles before hiring. This means that employers prefer hiring individuals with good online influence. When hiring, employers prioritize people with positive online influence, and blogging is a great and tested way of doing that. Not to mention the advertisements and other forms of online marketing.

When creating your new website be sure to use a good web host. A good web host needs to be fast and have good customer service. I recommend Siteground. They have unmatched customer support and is optimized for incredible speed. They’re also serious about website security and uptime. Monthly plans start at just $6.99.

Therefore, below are a few specific reasons why you should create a website.

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1. Blogs Generate Content

Creating a blog is an excellent way of generating content. You can attach new pages to your website regularly. The search engine finds your original content and gives it a higher ranking.

The length of your blog is also a deciding factor because it is currently thought that the longer the blog, the better. The minimum words are about 300 to 400 words and, ideally, more than 1000 words. The longer blogs are said to create additional new rewards for indexing by the search engines and also assist the search engines in knowing precisely the contents of the page.

Therefore it is vital to ensure that your blog article focuses on a single topic for higher rankings rather than a wide range of keywords and topics and then get low rankings. Therefore, ensure your blog is appropriately structured, divided into segments, and easy to read, when writing a longer blog.

2. Blogs enable you to insert keywords which are essential for the search engines

Creating your blog is essential because it enables you to incorporate your keywords to appeal to the intended audience and help optimize your blog. Online tools like Google’s Adwords keyword planner are also good for checking the popularity of specific keywords and how they regularly get searched each month.

It also informs you how the particular keyword is competitive. Therefore, it is advisable to always focus on the longer tailed keywords because they have less competition but almost guarantee better traffic. Keywords are an important part of search engine optimization. Blogging niches that contain popular keywords will help attract more web traffic.

Before you start writing, you should note the keywords you intend to use in your blog and ensure they appear naturally and not overstuffed. However, you should refrain from using the same keywords on numerous pages as it may result in what is known as keyword cannibalization.

This confuses the search engine with many pages covering the same topic and may result in lower rankings of both pages. Therefore, it is much better to have separate blogs that focus on different topics that may go on and get higher rankings.

It is also appropriate to have a blog post without much focus on keywords but well informative.

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3. Blogs allow regular updates of contents

A website that educates its audience on how to make money online or how to make money from home may be equally inactive as the information concerning your services usually doesn’t change over time. This makes it difficult for an online entrepreneur or advertiser to add new content lest you have a new service on the market to boast.

Search engines, including Google, likes fresh pieces regularly, and those that make new content to get higher rankings. Therefore, writing a blog enables you to write unique content to your site consistently This will delight the search engines and increase your rankings.

4. Design a web page to increase your brand and websites personality

Creating a blog is a sure way to offer your brand personality. For example, if you are an entrepreneur with serviced apartments in a serene city center, indicate that in your blog. Write about;

  • The neighborhood
  • The trendy resorts
  • Trendy restaurants
  • Street paintings on your doorstep
  • Include colorful images on your doorstep
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5. Blogs act as an information medium to your customers and your friends

When creating your blog with more articles describing your neighborhood and great activities happening in your area, you relay useful information to your customers and friends. You’ll also be regarded as an important source of information within your locality.

Therefore, you should focus on relaying more information about your area of business and your business as well. Did you win an award, or is there any new restaurant open in your area? These things will probably improve your brand and make it appealing and will enable the customers to envisage how they may use their leisure time when visiting.

6. Blogs allow you to review your neighborhood

Creating blogs allows you to see things from a different angle. You have the opportunity to go out and have a meaningful conversation with other nearby local businesses. You can now drink at the local bars and restaurants if you never did that. You find out who their potential customers are and learn what motivations they get from being there.

Maybe your neighborhood has a good number of upcoming artists. Why don’t you take the privilege to support those artists by offering them some space to display their work or display some of their work at your premises and blog about it?

7. Design a web page to share on your social media channels

Another critical factor in creating a blog is that a blog can assist your social media. Blog content offers you something to share. Add exciting topics that people may like and share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Google+. Include your blog to your email signature.

Take time and review one of the new restaurants or any other new local attraction in your area. Take advantage of the keywords and make good use of them and find the trending hashtag to spread the word. Write about your personal experience or personality into the blog and make sure your story is unique or stand out from the rest.

8. Blogs encourage other links

You will create a bond with other business owners when you blog about your neighboring businesses. Therefore, you need to give them more information regarding your business achievements, sharing other influential blogs with them.

Keep referencing other people’s contents in your community regularly in your blog pages and relate well with others in their blogs. You never know; they may offer your clients great deals, write a mutual blog, or set up a reciprocal or mutual link from their blogs that are essential for your business.

9. Blogs drive traffic

When you design a web page it offers you an opportunity to create a whole new or fresh audience. A blog about a local restaurant or a budding artist will bring in several persons to those who might be looking for unique accommodation in this particular area.

But they are still your prospective clients. If your blog contains links to other blogs and the local community stories and information. You will improve search engine ranking for your blog. You can sell your objective to others and create more possibility to safeguard a booking before they burnish the competition.

We have seen above why you need to create a blog website. We have also seen that a blog is essential in Internet marketing or simply put, Online marketing. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier in our post, everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of creating a blog website.

10. A Blog polishes you to become a better writer

The sure and proven way of becoming a better writer is by frequent writing. Therefore, regular blogging leads to more writing, and the more you write, the more you take your writing career to another level. An active writer, of course, spends much of his/ her time writing. Just as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. It also pertains to blogging. So, if you want to become a better writer or blogger then write, write, write! Writing ads for money can become a lucrative career if you are a talented writer.

11. Design a web page to become a published author

There’s much likelihood that publishers won’t gamble on an unproven or unknown author. They are more likely to offer a contract to an author with an already built audience of readers. And that’s where owning a blog works to your advantage. Therefore, blogging won’t only improve your writing but is also a much easier way of becoming a published author.

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Design a web page for these benefits

  • Boosts new business- In online marketing, the regular visits to your blog increase your blog’s potential to attract more interest. The visits then convert to sales.
  • Good for feedback- It enables you to get engaged with your readers. If they agree or disagree, you will notice through their comments. You can as well adjust to their satisfaction.
  • Gains influence- You get to attract repeat clients and gain their respect and trust if your product is good.
  • You become a specialist in your field- Although this won’t happen overnight, you’ll be seen as a specialist in your designated field as you post more blogs and share the knowledge you have with the community.
  • You assist others- An excellent blog helps the readers by solving their problems or by showing them how to get the solution to their problems. For example, as an online entrepreneur, you teach your readers how to make money online or make money from home. You will have helped them, right? In short, it educates, guides, and inspires the reader in a particular way.

Disadvantages of creating a blog website

  • Poor content- A substandard content can reflect terribly on your blog site. Therefore, when blogging, think deeply about what you blog about and ensure you review and edit your work before publishing.
  • Unreliable posts- Make sure you blog regularly or consistently. Imagine your readers visiting your site, and your blog is almost a year or older. Better not have a blog at all than an old blog.
  • It takes time- Yes. You should plan what to blog about. The better part though is that you become better by frequently doing it. Therefore, get down and start writing.
  • Later regrets- The moment you publish content online, it is visible to everyone. Therefore, if you write your content when in extreme anger, everyone will see it, and you might regret it later.
  • Rude comments- You may receive inappropriate and offensive comments from rowdy people. Usually from people with little information on the importance of blogging or your particular product or service.


Due to the way the internet has revolutionized the world from a business perspective, it is a good idea as a business entrepreneur to advertise your product or services online. Internet marketing has simplified marketing in a significant manner.

Therefore, you should take your chance as an entrepreneur and create a blog that will make your business known and drive sales. The above-mentioned are ways in which creating a blog website can be of high importance to your business. Therefore, take your chances and create a blog website for your future.


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