Why Do People Write Blogs- 10 Top Reasons

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Blogging is probably the best way to interact with the outside world, without stepping outside your front door. The amount of people that you can impact through your blogging is endless, so if you are still wondering why do people write blogs, or if you are considering blogging then this list is for you! Here I will be sharing with you 10 reasons why you should be blogging right now.

1. Blogging gives you a chance to be heard!

When you create a blog, you create a space where you can share your views or knowledge in a specific subject/s. You can also share your story and help people with your experience. You might think that you have nothing to offer or that your life experience isn’t that special to help someone else. But reality is that somewhere in the world there is someone right now that is going through something just like you did.

Can you imagine how much you would help them by just sharing your own story? Think about it, millions of people have access to the internet right now, so how many people would be able to relate with something that you went through? A lot of people, right?

Blogging is just like a bridge that will enable you to connect with your audience. You could possibly change someone else’s life by just writing about it, isn’t that amazing? So why aren’t you doing it yet? What are you waiting for? You should stop whatever you are doing right now and go create that beautiful blog that you have been thinking about, and share your story, knowledge and vision with the world.

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2. Why Do People Write Blogs? Blogging allows you to express your true self!

How many of us can say that we are our true selves every second of every day? Most of the time we bottle up our emotions, either because we believe that people are tired of hearing us, or because we choose to bite our tongue in a certain subject at the dinner table or at work, because even though you feel strongly about something, the outcome of you saying something out loud is not always the best thing in that situation.

So, when you blog, there’s no one that can make you feel trapped inside your own mind. You will finally feel like you can share your vision without the fear of being judged or misinterpreted. So not only will you find your own voice through blogging, but you will unleash the best parts of you that are hidden from the world. Blogging is the freedom that so many of us wish to have in our life.

3. Blogging improves your mental health!

In a world where mental health is at its worst, blogging really delivers some great benefits. A majority part of people who suffer from mental health feel helpless. The feeling of numbness can make you feel unworthy and getting out of that state is not easy. But writing really helps you to process your emotions and of course that will impact your mental health.

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Why do you think therapists recommend journalism as one of their most used techniques to help their clients? Because writing helps you to ease anxiety, calms down your stress levels and brings peace to your mind. Writing things down also helps you to organize your thoughts which of course will help you to not overthink as much.

Blogging may not help you but may be helping someone else. If someone could write something that would help you to face the hardest parts of your life experiences, wouldn’t that have helped you? So, you can do exactly that for someone else. All you need is to write it down and share it with the world.

4. Why Do People Write Blogs? Blogging boosts your confidence!

When you have confidence the world looks different. Things that once looked too hard to deal with are now easier to face, and you feel more determined to achieve your goals. But unfortunately confidence is also a skill that a lot of people currently struggle with.

That could be because we don’t allow ourselves to follow our dreams and do the things that we love. Blogging can help us achieve our goals. Why do people write blogs? Because in reality when you are doing something that you love, that will give you a sense of purpose and happiness. Which enables you to feel accomplished in life.

For example making you feel like you belong somewhere and that you are needed. Confidence will feel natural to you once you exercise daily. That’s why blogging is such a big tool to help you boost your confidence.

As well as teaching you how to keep that motivation going. Blogging helps to make your voice heard. Gives you a sense of purpose and a place in the world. Which sounds pretty good to me, don’t you think so too?

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5. Blogging helps you to step out of your comfort zone!

A lot of times we don’t achieve our true potential because we don’t do things that are out of our comfort zone. It’s easier to remain the same when you fear failing, but do you know what is worse than failure? Regret! And when you stop yourself from doing something new or perhaps even a little challenging you are basically depriving yourself from growing and becoming the best version of yourself possible.

Blogging is a great way to break those walls and allowing you to change your view on things that you simply think you can’t do. But that’s the thing, you can do anything that you set your mind to, you just need to take that extra step. Although this is so much easier said than done. Because stepping out of your comfort zone also means that you are putting yourself out there, and that can be scary, right?

Blogging can help you with that mainly because it will give you the courage to finally take that step forward and show you that you can create something beautiful without the pressure that you get to face in the real world.

You could possibly be touching someone else’s life in meaningful ways. People that will be able to understand you the same way. Are you able to imagine how that would feel like? Blogging will open doors for you to create yourself and unleash that awesomeness that you have within you. Believe me, it’s going to be an amazing journey!

6. Why Do People Write Blogs? Blogging improves your writing skills!

Have you ever heard of the phrase “practice makes perfect”? Do you believe that the best bloggers/writers were born that way? No, of course not. Most of the well-known names in the blogging industry have years of hard-work behind them and lots and lots of practice.

When it comes to their success, it is easy to overlook the amount of times they failed as well, but you know what they didn’t do? Give up. If you want something bad then you will have to work for it, and if you work hard on your blog, your work is really going to pay off.

Every article that you write will help you to become better at what you do. It also helps if you check out other bloggers and learn from them too. Perfection is a myth after all, but being the best that you can possibly be, isn’t. So even if you think that you aren’t good enough, don’t worry, because there’s always room for improvement and you can become better and better at what you love.

You can take a course on a specific subject for example and help people to learn a new skill, you can also educate yourself in something that you are passionate about and help change someone’s life, it’s really that simple! This is the generation that wants to learn fast and that’s why blogging is such a huge thing.

Because people like you and me are hungry for more knowledge and a better and happier life. Blogging will never be out of fashion and believe me when I tell you that. If you start right now, then one year from right now, you will be thankful that you started it.

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7. People believe in blogs!

Do you know when you want to buy something that you have seen online but aren’t so sure about its efficiency. Or when you are going through a crisis and just need a helping hand from someone that has gone through the same thing? Well normal people usually ask Google, right? Well Google will look for the answer for you and guess who has the answer, most of time… Yes, that’s right! Blogs do hold the answer for so many questions that people type on google every single day.

So, imagine the number of people who will visit your blog if you provide them with the things you know! People are hungry for information and you can provide them with that. Blogging is a perfect way to share knowledge, and we all have some insight on a certain subject. Even if you think that you aren’t an expert in any subject, believe me someone out there would benefit by something that you already know. But of course, you must supply your audience with great quality content.

8. Why Do People Write Blogs? Blogging will help you feel motivated!

We usually feel motivated when we desire something. Our instincts kick in and we start planning to achieve our goals. The desire of achieving a goal gives us a reason to work harder to achieve them. But how do we keep ourselves motivated in a longer period without giving up?

Consistency is a very good tool to help with boosting your motivation longer. Or until it becomes like second nature to you. Writing a blog will give you that sense of consistency. Because you will have to schedule posts and make a certain routine. This will help you to be more organized, productive and ultimately more motivated. To put your heart and soul into something that you love. Which will reflect in other aspects of your life.

9. Blogging helps you to build an audience online!

Whether you already have a business and you are looking forward to reach some more possible clients. Or you are just trying to build your presence online.

Blogging is a perfect opportunity to do just that. Choosing popular blogging niches can help you attract web traffic. Through blogging people will be able to get to know you so much better than they would through a social media platform because they can ultimately see your work in a better light.

It makes you stand out of the crowd and helps any other hustles that you might have going on now. No matter what you are doing or what you’re into, blogging can help you to reach out to a bigger audience. The best part is that blogging itself, costs you nothing.

10. Why Do People Write Blogs? Blogging can provide you with an income!

Although you can make money with your blog, it isn’t a fast process. You need to consistently provide great quality content to be able to make money from your blog. For most bloggers it can take up to a year to make some serious money. But there’s also some bloggers who start seeing some money after only 3 months into blogging. If you want to make money online blogs can help you achieve that.

The time that it will take you to start to build an income online blogging will of course depend on you. There are many ways that bloggers can make money from their personal blog post. One of the most popular ways is through ads, basically you place ads in your blog, like Google AdSense and every time one of your readers clicks on the ad, you earn a commission. Another company that offers great advertising opportunities are PropellerAds. They offer some of the best ways to monetize your blog.

In Conclusion

You can also earn money with affiliate marketing, which is basically advertising someone else’s products and every time someone buys their products you earn a commission. There are so many affiliate programs out there, so it’s just finding the right one for you. Another way to make money through your blog is to sell digital products, like an eBook or a course. Some bloggers do make some serious money blogging. So what are you waiting for, start blogging! Good luck.


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